Thursday, May 17, 2012

Horse racing at the Woodlands

Everybody involved in the Horse Racing Industry (from the grain suppliers, to the farmers raising hay, to the ladys selling soda pop, to the horsemen) at the Woodlands appreciate TV 4 for giving some air time to Cameron Roth and I from your front lawn a couple weeks ago featuring the Kansas Bred horse .... grand daughter of Secretariat~ Indys Prospector'.

It appears that there is some positive movement in Topeka for the Sate of Kansas bringing back racing at the Woodlands.... A huge positive economic impact for the metro area and the midwest.!!! JOBS wow what a concept !!!!!
Is there any way you can interview Cameron Roth from the Kansas Thoroughbred Association or I and possibly Stephen Morris Senator 39th District and others about this House Bill 2550?

Best Regards
Kent Friend

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